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Educational whiteboards all in one interactive display 75"


Screen size: 65"/75"/86"

Writing style: Handwriting

Interface: RS232 or USB 

Linear Error: 1mm

Touch time: >100 thousand times

Screen system: Windows 7/XP/Android

Internal memory: 4G

Hard disk memory: 500G

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Interactive Smartboard alternatives for education

Professional and rigorous structure, exquisite and smooth design.

Large size screen, HD screen 3840 x 2160 (4K) resolution, brightness 400cd/㎡,2nd level energy efficiency.


2-10 points touch writing, different gestures recognition, professional audio and multimedia presentations.

Full touch, full writing, all functions and demonstrations can be achieved by touch and smooth writing enables users to have extraordinary experience.



The intelligent screen is OPS plug, cable free, easy maintenance and repair.

Full modular design: computer modularization, touch modularization, convenient use and maintenance.

Multi port design: 1 integrated VGA, 3 HDMI, WiFi, LAN ports, multi channel USB interface (2.0X3, 3.0X2,USB TOPx2), RS232 and other ports.

It facilitates the connection and use of various devices, and enables remote control of equipment.


Intelligent temperature monitoring and intelligent backlight brightness adjustment effectively

protect eyesight, save energy and protect the equipment.

The most advanced Android TV integrated single chip, ARM Cortex A53 architecture. 4 core, 1.5G DDR

memory, 8G FLASH. Support the Android 5 and Windows operating system.

Intelligent remote control integration, screen and computer can be turned off at the same time.

Application: Kindergarten, primary school, middle school, high school, university, family education etc.




Screen Size 75〞
Definition 3840×2160 RGB
Brightness 400 cd/㎡
Contrast Ratio 5000:1
Response Time 4 ms
Input Port TV×1
VGA×1+PC Audio
 Mini YPbPr×1
USB2.0X3(front)+ USB3.0×2
Output Port Coaxial×1
Mini AV-OUT×1
Touch Screen Size(Wideth/Height/Thickness) 1722X1046X105MM
Screen+Bracket Size(Wideth/Height/Thickness) 1722X1096X105MM
Package Size(Wideth/Height/Thickness) 1880X1190X285MM
Net Weight 56KG
Package Weight 74KG
Writing Style Handwriting
Corresponding Application software Custom installation
Linear Error 1 mm
Touch Times >100 thousand times
Internal Memory 4G
Hard Disk Memory  500G

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