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GOB Transparent LED screen 

GOB transparent video wall are widely used in indoor and outdoor advertising display, stage backgroud and events. 

1. Retail store applications:

(P3.91 GOB LED transparent video wall in clothes shop)

(P3.91 GOB LED transparent video wall in shopping mall)

(P3.91 GOB transparent glass advertising player)

2. Transparent LED wall application as Stage backgroud: 

(Opening Ceremony of the 13th Sports Meeting in Weinan City, Shanxi Province(China),300sqm GOB ICE Screen) 


(3.15 Consumer Party on state television 2018, 400sqm GOB ICE Screen)


(1000SQM GOB Transparent Screen Jason Zhang--FUTURE·LIVE Concert Tours 2018 in 7 Cities.)

3. Applications in Events:

(Opening ceremony)

(7m * 3m GOB transparent LED screen China Aerospace Exhibition Conference 2018 )

(1m * 1.5m Exihibition)

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