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New technology GOB (Glue on board) used in LED screen

Time: Aug-21-2018

Nowadays, with the rapid development of Fine Pitch, Fine Pitch becomes the most popular part of LED Screens. As the pixel pitch goes down, there are also some problems that bother clients. For example, the dead pixels. During transportation and installation, even when the screen is aging, dead pixel problem happens all the time, engineers have to repair it over and over again, it's a nightmare. I think you have this kind of problem, right? Have you found a way out? If no, I'm going to share you a good news.

With 14 years experience in LED Screen Market, we invented an Unique Technology--GOB(Glue On Board), which can make the screen(From 0.8mm to 20mm) Anti-Crash, Anti-UV, Water-Proof and Dust-Proof. 

 Here are details.

1. Anti-Crash: Even you hit the screen with a hammer(https://youtu.be/WlByYfRaBmA), the screen still works well. GOB can reduce chance of Dead Pixels, you don't need to repair them everyday, save you more money and time on maintenance.

2. Anti-UV: Our Unique Patent Glue can protect the LEDs from damage of UV, reduces aging speed, the screen can live longer than before.

3. Water proof: We can make 0.8mm to 20mm Water proof(Attached is P1.9 Module with GOB), Moisture won't hurt the LEDs any more, which means you have more opportunities than others on LED Screen Business. For example, you can choose our GOB Indoor panel for Nightclub or Swimming Pool projects, you don't need to choose Outdoor panel, saves you more money.

4. Dust-Proof: We can keep the LEDs away from dust. When you clean the screen, just wipe the face, that's all, saves you more time and money on maintenance.



What's the difference between GOB and COB? 

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