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Why do customers choose GOB ICE Screen for retail store?

Time: Aug-25-2018

The Shopkeeper wants a Light and Thin LED Screen which can advertise her brand, attract more customers, and it won't affect the Interior decoration.

1) Conventional LED Screen is Thick and Heavy, the glass can't bear load. If choosing it, client needs steel structure for it. There's no enough space for steel structure, and it's an extra cost, out of budget.

2) Conventional LED Screen looks like a wall, which will block out the inside. When it's not working, it looks like a "scar", which is incompatible with the surroundings.

3) Conventional LED Screen is of high power consumption.

GOB ICE Screen is Light and Thin, it won't affect the environment at all even when it is not working at daytime, combine with surroundings well. Moreover, it saves 30% more energy than Conventional LED Screen. With GOB Technology, moisture won't hurt the LEDs, can live longer life than other screens.

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